Frequently Asked Questions

You can call me Jas, pronounced like jazz.

My current name is the latest iteration from a name I made as a kid. The Jas part comes from 'J as' where J is the first letter of my real name, Josh (though I prefer most people call me Jas). The original name was something like JASLegoLover, then JASBrickMaster, and now it is JasBitMaster because I like programming.
For funny answers, see !jas in chat.

My pronouns are He/Him!

I am 21 years old, as of September 25th.

No doxx for you, but I currently live in the US in the mediocre state of Oklahoma.

I stream variety content, focused around gaming and programming. I want to do a lot of fun and interactive stuff using bots and such to let chat interact with stream in fun and unique ways. But also gaming because games are fun.


Life is currently busy for me so I do not have a set stream schedule. I reccomend following and joining the Discord (!discord in chat or check out the Socials page) to get notified when I go live!

I am currently in my third year of university. I am currently get both my undergraduate and Master's in computer science, with a Master's focus in AI.

My main hobbies include:

I can't pick, here is my top 5 instead:

Here is a small sample:

I am always tired, but also always vibing.

Hell yeah. :HACKERMANS:

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